Saturday, May 17

I woke up this morning, full of ideas of things I wanted to do today. Laundry, a bike ride, get together a bunch of clothes (and maybe even shoes!) to give to the Goodwill, all sorts of things. Then I had a bowl of cereal, and this has somehow zapped all energy out of me and all I want to do now is crawl back into bed. It's not especially nice outside, so that may be part of it.
Also, I'm dying to go shopping. Preferably in Chicago, but not necessarily. I guess I'm going to Milwaukee tomorrow anyway, and Matthew's party doesn't start until 4, so we could leave early and get in some quality shopping time at the Mayfair. If this doesn't work as a fix, I'll let everyone know and we can start planning a trip to Schaumburg - or maybe even Chicago proper...mmm... Michigan Ave. It's been a while, old friend.


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