Monday, September 2

Greetings and salutations. Last night was tasty tasty Chinese at the boys, followed by dancing at the Molly's for me. It was, as always, entertaining. The first half of the Molly's experience was fun as we watched "the norms" get scared away by my overt goth-ness, and that of the other Sunday regulars, such as they are. However, I was thinking that we needed to call in the reinforcements as we were getting seriously outnumbered by the time Mr. & Mrs. Jones and I took off. It was ok, anyway. And we all got to enjoy some girl's new dance move that I'm sure she practiced all summer. It was something to behold, I tell you what. Mark played "Absolutely Fabulous" and "Go West", so that was nice. I had forgotten that the first weekend of the month is "retro" night, but I'm not complaining. When TKK came on I turned to Mr. Jones and said, "This is old-skool" and it's only funny because it kinda is. Strange. We're so old. Except you, Plinko.
Now it's time for me to go console my swearing husband and eat some tasty sushi. Mmm. Sushi and brats in one day, it's so happy!


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