Saturday, August 24

So I went to the crap shoot and it was ok. Quieter than I imagined, though I was led to believe that that was because it was still early. Diana looked lovely, as did Atom's new beauty. Plus, I got to play around a little with his keyboard. I think I'd definitely need more practice before I could turn off the spell check if I used that little puppy, but it was VERY pretty. Also, there was a disco ball, but thankfully very little dancing. I can't imagine that would be a pretty picture.
Mrs. Jones and I spent the afternoon shopping, and then stopped by "the boys" with some Little Debbies, because we are nice. Had dinner, shopped some more, then snooped around the competition.
This is when I have to point out that I have the best husband in the world, because while I was out galavanting all afternoon, he did the laundry. As I'm sure you're all too painfully aware, this is not done nearly enough in my house, so it is a big job. I owe him a lot. I assume that my new underthings (and Invisible Pete, Mr. Jones and Plinko can probably back me up here) will go far when it comes to payback. I'll leave the rest of you to ponder that. I'm going to bed.


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