Saturday, August 17

Morning, all. I took a nap, successfully. That doesn't always happen. Now I'm ready for the GAME! Yay Packers!
We did serious shopping today, and it tuckered me out. The bad part is, the only thing I really bought was a new phone. Don't get excited my techy brothers and sisters... it's exactly the same phone. Evidently, mine took a big crap or something, and was beyond hope. This saddens me, because I don't plan on having the same phone plan after Jan (when our contract is up) and I really didn't feel like giving Verizon another $50, but it was either that or continue to pay them a princely sum until the end of our contract for nothing.
I will mention that the mall was completely INSANE. It was like Christmas or something. Couldn't find a parking spot, couldn't find a table in the food court. There's a new store called Hollister that happily shot Aberwhatever in the gut as far as the kids are concerned. They have two "greeters" standing outside who are prettier and creepier than teenage boys are suppose to be, and it was madness inside. I advise all to stay away. You don't really need $40 screen-printed tee shirts anyway, trust me.
So.... it seems to me like our friend Plinko gave a shout-out to the bad guys, but I can't exactly decifer for what. Hmm... interesting. Does one of us have ducks I'm not aware of? Mr. Jones is afraid of ducks, you know. Maybe it was just his way of saying that unlike say, Gary, we don't limit our blog space to ripping on him. Pop-ups and banners aside *cough cough*, we generally like our friends, and choose to treat them as such. There are plenty of people in the world who deserve to be constantly ripped on, and those people are not my friends. Crazy, I know. Anywho. It's Packer time, baby. I'm outta here.
***I don't want to work, I just want to bang on these drums all day***

PS to Ruby - That you applied for job was the one I had, and a. yes, you're grossly overqualified because you don't need your shoes off to count to 20 (but so is everyone else who actually works there) b. yes, you probably asked for too much money (if you were thinking you'd get more than starting wage at McDonald's) and c. you're probably better off not working there because the crazy in charge doesn't look too kindly on those without ovaries. So... better luck next time, but it's not all bad news. Keep looking, home fry.


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