Thursday, August 15

Who woulda thunk it? It's a night of many goings-on. Hubby & I went to the new Austin Powers movie. I almost wet 'em when the Mini was introduced (and I don't mean Mini-Me). *sigh* Mini Cooper. It was good fun. I was contemplating how strange it is that that is one of the few series of movies that I would look forward to seeing another one of. (Can you tell I'm not a writer anymore?)
Also - Beej went all geodesic on his blog. Very fabulous. Plus he posted, which, in and of itself, is noteworthy.
I got paid $ching$ching$ Hooray!! The check can be cashed tomorrow, and so it shall. I also went to the crazy chiro again. Less bruising this time, I think, which is good since I'll be back there tomorrow. Uf.
The Naked Omreau webring is up and happy, thanks to the stylings of one Mr. Jones. I helped some, too. Yay!
And a few comments to others of you...
Invisible P- I have no clue about Saturday. I'm thinking that I may want to be doing some cleaning, as the whites have been piling up since before the Con, and I (obviously) got nothing done last weekend. So I'm thinking I'll probably bow out, though UPB may be up for it.
Ruby - I don't know what job you're interviewing for - and that makes a big difference at 4i. Either way, good luck. It won't be all bad. The lunches are good.
And now it is sleepy time for me.


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