Monday, August 5

Hello Friends and Relations!
I started at B'Gosh today, and it was very nice. The woman who is to be my boss is on maternity leave until next week (then only half-days for a while), but she stopped in today to say "hi" and she brought her new baby who is really cute and REALLY BIG for being only 12 weeks old, I thought. The guy who is charge of making sure we new people (as there are three - me, a genuinely other new girl, and a girl (woman, I suppose) who is new to the department and was working in Customer Service) are kept busy and generally getting our orientation on. I'm not exactly sure yet what I'm going to think of the actual work I have to do, 'cause we haven't exactly gotten to that part yet, but I'll keep you posted. We didn't have any time to take any breaks, which is ok, because then I get an hour for lunch 1/2 paid, and I still get to go home at 4:30. I can handle that.
We took the grand tour, and I was so turned around and my feet hurt so much by the time that we were done that I totally spaced on the next part of the training, which was the computer system. So I feel a little behind there, but the people in my department are really nice and I don't think they'll have a problem trying to bring me back up to speed. I felt a little better when other new girl started whining kind of a lot, and I didn't. I just didn't think that would make a good first impression, call me silly.
It seems as though training is fairly extensive, which is nice. There's a new employee thingy every quarter, and they just had one, so it'll be a few months before I have to go to that. In fact, it looks like a lot of the next couple weeks will be spent on training and training-while-I-work. Also, as part of our training, at some point in the future I'm going to get to sew! The strange out-building next to the corporate building where I work houses a sample factory. There are about 10 people who work there, and they make samples of all the clothing that's produced in the Western Hemisphere, or something like that. It's pretty cool, actually.
So all-in-all, a good first day. I'm kinda pooped, but that's ok. Plus, I found out that I'm have-way through a pay-period already and that means I'll get a check before I was expecting to. YAY!
In other news, my stab at the logo for our webring is up. Others are welcome to make a cooler one. You know... those of you with more artistic leanings than yours truly. Now I guess there's probably some code or other that will have to go with it, but one thing at a time...
I think I'm going to sign off for now. Time to go try to hem a skirt for tomorrow. Such ambition...


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