Thursday, August 8

Good day, all.
I was one sleepy puppy this morning, as I spent much to long at the P. last night, and then (as I suspected) could not sleep very well last night. It was TOOOO quiet. I'm hoping tonight goes much better. It should, considering I've been wanting to go back to bed since I got home from work. I've resisted, however, so I wouldn't be up with the birds tomorrow morning, and then a big dud tomorrow night for my first night with Mom & Dad N. I can't wait. :)
Tomorrow is also a big day at work. I'm going to be getting the info I need to actually begin doing things that are part of my job. It's very exciting. It actually is, to me at least. I sat in meetings all day today to prepare me for tomorrow and what I'm going to have to know. It was nice that they gave me the chance to practice taking notes and finding out what kinds of questions I'm going to have to ask when it's my turn. That said, I was also told that I should expect to stay a little late tomorrow night to get all our ducks in a row. Not exactly what I had planned considering I'm making the trek to K-town by myself, but I guess at least this way I won't be holding anyone up from leaving.
On a crummier, more whiny note, my back hurts again. I found out that my chiropractor isn't one of my 'preferred providers' and now I have to pick a new one, which I'm not too excited about. The plan is to hold up at least long enough to make it through the Con. And to wear comfortable shoes. That's right. I don't care if people look at me funny for not being fashion-forward. My concern is comfort. Oh wait... where am I going again?


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