Monday, August 12

What a Con... so much fun, so much food, and no time for gaming. For me, anyway, because I require 17 hours of sleep a night, evidently. Sorry if I pooped out too much, guys. The plan is to pick some fun games to play on Wednesday down at the P, however. I will probably have to miss out on most of that as well, as I have to play sports. I mean, get to play...
It looks like I'm going to be traveling for work a lot sooner than I thought, though not to the Far East for quite a while. No folks, I get to go to Tennessee. DerK loves TN, don't you? We were just talking about it. Actually, our distribution center is down there, and I think I'm actually flying into Nashville. Swimming pools, movie stars... wait. That's not Nashville. Anyway - the part that is slightly more scary than Nashville itself is the fact that I'll be flying home 9/11. *gulp* Now - I'm not self-centered enough to believe that terrorists are going to try to hijack a plane going from Nashville, TN to Appleton, WI just because I'm on it. None the less, it does make me feel a bit sketchy? - squeemish? - itchy? - I'm not sure what. I just have to wonder... would it really cost the company that much more to let us come home the next day? Probably so. Did I mention that I don't think the other new girl is invited?.... Very interesting.... I'll keep you all in the loop on that one. I think, at this point at least, I'm winning. Yay me!
And remember, if you ask for Ranch dressing and the waitress brings you French, the terrorists win.


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