Tuesday, August 13

Today I worked until almost 6 o'clock. I knew that not getting salary was going to work in my favor. What's crazy is that when you're busy, the time just seems to fly by. Who knew? I can't remember the last time I worked this hard. In fact, I maybe never have.

I neglected to mention a major highlight of the Con for me (and it wasn't all the Steineke look-alikes). It didn't really involve the Con at all, but I purchased a lovely new pair of shoes. Two, actually. One new (for work and such) from Payless, which was a find, and one from Goodwill. Lovely Christmas Chucks... just a bit too small. They're not selling for all that much on e-bay, so I'm thinking I'm just going to have to keep them. Shucks.

And just a head's up for Friday. Me and my man (tee-hee) are going to Golf Central for a party for a former co-worker who is (happily) leaving the insanity that was 4imprint. Go K! So we will be at the P. late if at all. My guess is late. I'm jonsing for some quality P-time, and our v-ball game will cut into it tomorrow night.

Plinko, I hope you had fun shmoozing, and Mr. Jones - why for no pop-up? That's unpossible. It makes me sa-ad.


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