Monday, August 19

Just when you thought they couldn't make Oreos any better: chocolate & peanut butter cream filled. uraggaglluuhhhh. (just imagine Homer here). Rarely do spur of the moment, impulse buys turn out so well.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mom's birth, so all of you who are Catholic should think about her and pray (to Mary, God, etc) that she's getting out of purgatory real soon, and the rest of us should go get wasted. I'm just saying, that's really more the way she would have wanted it. WASTED. I'm waiting for Mozy Bot to get her blog up and running so she has my back on this one.
Also, here's what I don't like about the fishy game: your money & fishies don't follow you to the next level. This makes me sad. Other than that, it's completely addictive. Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. Beep.


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