Wednesday, August 28

Volleyball tonight! Woo Woo!!
fyi to my team mates, I think we play Copps, or whatever they're called now. Maybe the skies will let loose and we'll be spared, but I bet not. Oh well, what's the worst that could happen?
I've felt like a moderately-functioning go-tard all day. Some would say this is a step up, but they're mean. I did uncover the secret of my office chair. It is a little too adjustable, in my opinion, only because it took me until now to figure out what all the different levers do. I've worked there for nearly a month. At any rate, I am now super comfortable in it. And I want one for here at home.

And for Mr. Jones:
Meetings all day long
And so many packages
Make my small brain hurt

But UPB is still the boss, sorry.


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