Thursday, September 12

I don't get it. I'm gone for three days and I'm totally out of the loop. None of us have lives, so I don't understand how this is possible, yet there it is. The Jones' become crime victims, DerK is famous on the internet (extra famous, not just regular famous like the rest of us)... I miss all the fun. And what do I have to show for it? Well, an offer on a crash pad if I ever make it to Istanbul, but not much else. Nurcan (pronounced Noor-john) is the coolest (she's the one in Istanbul, who insists on smoking...ok!), and Korean-Guatamalan guy was interesting, but I can't remember the last time I pined for Oshkosh so much. *sigh* I guess home is where the heart is after all.
I'm a little glad that the gang didn't play v-ball without me. Despite being dog-tired, I'm looking forward to next week. And I'm selfish. I want to hit Plinko in the face with a super soft volleyball. Twice.
Tomorrow is going to be another slam-my-dick-in-a-door day. I was told that my boss' boss intends to "put the fear of God" into us new people. However, my boss (who is great) told me to not let it get to me. So that is my plan. I'm glad the meeting wasn't today (not just because I was completely unprepared) but because today I'm so tired I probably would have started crying. Boo-hoo... please stop picking on Of course, that probably only would have bumped up my rankings when you search Google for "going away party" "laid off". I'm currently 31. Ouch.
And, just for the record, I'd like to reiterate that "Young Frankenstein" is NOT a Woody Allen movie. NOT. *ugh* She bothers me so much. If, one day, I have to report to her... well, you know the rest.


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