Tuesday, September 3

Eat?Blog?Eat?Blog? It seriously shouldn't be this much of a toss-up, yet, here I am.
Thanks to the Jones' for a lovely afternoon and evening. We got completely drenched on the way home, by the way. Weather... who doesn't love it? Well, probably people in Ladysmith, and people in trailer parks. Being neither, I enjoy a good storm.
Mr. Shaft is joining us tonight for some tasty chicken and mashedapados. I might make some purses, or possibly not. We'll see.
This afternoon is going to be busy busy for me at work, and tomorrow is the day that I get to have my dick slammed in a door for the first time in a meeting where everything is my fault. We'll see how that goes. I shall try to be prepared.
See all y'all tomorrow after volleyball. WWoooo!!


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