Saturday, September 14

I hate you. I hate you all. Everyone who ever complained, "Oh it's so hot. I'm going to burst into flames. Wa wa." I'm freezing, and you all suck. Now I have to wear sweaters every day until June again. Not that everyone minds me wearing sweaters, but come on! It's only September. So - now I'm grouchy.
Even so, it was good to see everybody last night, hear the latest word (*gasp*), and meet some of Plinko's friends from that one place that prints stuff. And thank you Invisible Pete for keeping me warm with your magic touch. ahhhh. Mrs. Jones missed out, that's for sure.
Tomorrow is Packer day at the Krauses'. There will be soup (two kinds, I'm thinking, if I get ambitious enough today to make soup... shouldn't be too much of a stretch), and possibly a variety of crunchy things that one would normally put into soup, or eat as a companion to soup, that sort of thing. That's at noon o'clock, and all are welcome. And don't worry, I don't expect most of you here. I've known all of you long enough to know that most of you were dropped as infants into your parents' waiting arms by aliens (possibly dressed as storks) and are thus not true Wisconsinites ie (i.e., etc...) Packer fans. And that's fine. I'll see you later that day at the boys' house. And I won't tell the government your nasty little secret. Oh wait...


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