Tuesday, October 1

What would Shanny say?
This morning blogspot is again *crazy* and when I went to read our friend Machine's post, I instead get:
Ribstone Pippin
Not a half bad site, I guess.... but no Jean Teasdale. I'd put in a link to it, but right now the address is spitemecha.blogspot.com, and we all know where that's suppose to go.
I believe that hot and sour soup made me well. Thank you again Mr. Plinko. Bucko. Bucky. Max. tee-hee
They should feed that stuff to patients in the hospital. Think of how fast health care costs could be cut. Cure for the common cold: $1.69. And that's for two Steph-size servings. Nice. I bet in works on cancer, too.
At any rate, that means that I must be off for work now. Ugh... so much catch up to do. And to think, I thought I might be taking a day of vacation Friday... I'm guessing that's not going to pan out. Just a hunch.


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