Monday, September 23

I'm afraid my dad is a jinx. I love him, and he's very sweet and good and kind.... but I talked with him on the phone yesterday and he asked if I forsaw Oshkosh B'Gosh staying in Oshkosh for a long time. I thought (and said), "well, I don't know why not... we have one other small office in New York, but nothing really goes on there as far as I can tell." Whoops.
Today there were rumors and tension and finally an announcement that the design function is being moved to New York. Speculation is that art will follow shortly. The concensus of the highest of the higher-ups is that good talent for these things cannot be drawn to Oshkosh, WI because, well.... we live here, we know. This is of course insulting to nearly everyone I know and everyone I work with. I would like to point out that in my estimation it doesn't actually take a lot of design talent to do kids clothes. It's not like we have a run-way show or anything. The phrase "kids fashion" is nearly an oxymoron. But even given that... it was a blow to a lot of people who've been with the company for a long time. Even more so when they found out that if they wanted to move to NY and continue to work for the company, they'd have to reapply for the jobs they already have. *ouch* And the way they were told was even worse than how I've been treated when asked to exit the company, in my opinion. Everyone was called into a room, handed an org chart, and told, if you're job is in yellow, your job is moving. Not you, just your job. Oof.
So... even though I'm not in the creative part of the business, there's a little uneasiness all around. I'd like to think that I don't need to update my resume just yet, but it never hurts to be prepared. I wonder if Enzy is still looking for that second writer....


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