Monday, September 16

So I had a nice change of pace today as I read Gary's blog and for once it made me laugh, as opposed to fume. See - the only person getting battered at my house yesterday was Plinko (unless you count an inadvertant though deserved elbow to the ta-ta or Mr. Jones molesting himself). It's nice to live in a world that is not so black-and-white (or black-and-blue, for that matter).
The game was, I'll be the first to admit, pathetic. But the festivities were still fun and the soup was good and we had hot buns. The kids even had time for a bath, so all was not lost. And though my time probably would have been better spent doing laundry, there's always time for that during the week, right? So despite all my guests trying to bolt in the 3rd quarter, I had a lovely day.
And in case you're wondering: yes, I'm still cold.


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