Tuesday, September 17

Woo-hoo!!!! I'm tired! Like, punchy someone-shut-me-up tired! Woo-hoo! Or maybe Shanny just gets me all excited. And I'm SO HAPPY to see that Mr. David has come over to the good side. Automobile speaking, at any rate.
Oh! And I'm not so cold. It is, in fact, nice outside. Our house is still on the cool side for me, but I'm not currently wearing sleeves, so I guess that's my own stupid fault.
There was much noise and excitement at the Krause household last night as Shaft made some lamps, and then some stuff fell down. Nothing serious, but as we all know, gravity can be so annoying at times. He may be joining us again this evening, depending on whether or not his favorite TEE-vee shows premier this week. I'm thinking I'm going to have to clean out my car to get all the beautiful lamps to the place this weekend.
Which reminds me... you remember the woman I like not-so-much at work right? Yeah... she's a townie, and she doesn't know where the Masonic Temple is. That I could overlook, the fact that she was confusing it with the Jewish temple, not so much. And the fact that she was CONVINCED I was wrong. Oh... that bothers me. Then she thought I was thinking of the Eagles. No. I'm not. Did I mention that she threw a stink when my hotel bill showed phone calls home? She tried to get me in trouble, and my boss basically said, "No, that's fine." ARrrrgggh. As Plinko would say, there's not enough killing going on.
So when you kids are killing Germans and Japanese next month, please visualize one of the Germans as a large, manish head-in-the-sand Lutheran woman for me, could you? Thanks. I'll owe you one.


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