Saturday, September 28

New bras, great friends, sooper sweet presents to give away tonight... I just feel like counting my blessings this afternoon. Also, the echinacea must be working cuz I'm feeling FINE! Yay me! Ok... a little slothy and our shower has gone all crappy, but other than that - GREAT! And luckily for me, I only need a shower to make me cleaner, not to erase any kind of mind-warping pain.
Mr. UPB is doing me a great favor this afternoon, so I can do a great favor for someone else. I guess everyone is feeling generous lately!
Now to start worrying about what I'm going to wear... it's so complicated when you know half of it is coming off... dilemma dilemma. Happily, I've been given an early anniversary present, and half of it is flourescent turquoise. You'll all get to enjoy the beauty of the garment this evening - and DerK, you can't steal it. Sorry.
I've got two words for one Reverend: cream filling. Oh yeah. Tonight's going down in the record books. I'm pretty sure. Oh course, whenever Cher's in town, there's a party going on. If you ask me, that's a pretty sweet rep.


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