Saturday, May 17

Watch me go - that list of things I wanted to do today? Done - or, at least, in process. I haven't given away any clothes yet, because I started with the shoes. I gave Goodwill more pairs of shoes today than any sane person should own in the first place, though looking at my closet, hardly a dent was made. But it did give me ample excuse to buy a new pair. *teehee*
Rode my bike to Scandia Spa, of which I will be a card-carrying member come Monday. I have my card today, in fact. But I don't really know why they give you a card - no one ever checks if you're a member there. It's a little odd that way. The new and improved location actually is, and not just because it's within walking distance of my house and my work. They have taken over all or nearly all of what was the food court in the mall turned office complex. It's pretty, and they have all the cardio machines turned so you can look at the river, instead of having to watch Judge Judy, like at the old location.
The laundry is the only part that is still going.... and may very well not get finished today, but I'm ok with that. I also managed to make it to Target with UPB to pick up a wedding present and eat at the Friar Tuck's. All in all, the most productive Saturday I've had in quite a while.
On a down note, the Sens game was painful. Also - the kids they have working at Topper's suck. We called in an order for dinner, then thought better of it because the kid on the phone needed a serious attitude adjustment. Something you could maybe get away with if you were the only game in town, as it is Rocky's will be getting our hard-earned pizza money this evening, thank you very much.


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