Sunday, June 22

I have managed to sleep most of the day away, unfortunately, as it's beautiful outside, but when the body wants sleep, why argue? No one wins.
With all the fun that there was to be had last night, I forgot to mention that yesterday was amazing for another reason. My husband, with a pocket full of lucky thrifting change, came back with the most amazing present for me. I almost hesitate to mention it, for fear that someone may bring harm to me or take hostages to get her hands on it, but UPB found a complete 1923 Ma Jongg set for me. It is amazing. Absolutely perfect. I'll bring it to the 'nest tonight to try to learn the game and show it off. If it mysteriously disappears, there may be a beat-down. I'm just saying...
So - in addition to having the best friends in the world, I also have a wonderful family. My bro left me a sweet little message on my smoky treats last night, and I love him very much. :)
All in all, I'm very blessed. If you're reading this, it's in no little part because of you.


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