Friday, June 13

I've concluded that I'm never, ever, going to get the blogger upgrade. Stoopids.
No matter, though - cuz it's Friday, baby!! I have no calls tonight, just some wrap-up work, and then the whole crazy team may be heading out to the P. Good times, good times.
During this week I've also found out that I will be traveling (to China, etc) in either September (mid-month, I found out last night, so I'd be back for my Sissy's birthday) or December (also early- to mid-month, I think it's illegal for them to make us miss Christmas, or, at least I hope so). December is more likely, as that would be for a big season (Fall '04), whereas September is for the Summer season, which isn't very big and will probably just be handled by my boss's boss. I'm really pretty excited. Not that I won't miss everyone terribly (as this week as shown me), but just think of all the wonderful Christmas presents I'll come back with! Yay crazy Hong Kong markets!! I have to admit I'm also more than a little excited about the frequent flyer miles. mmm... free trips and hotel stays. Of course, all this hinges on me not getting demoted or something in the upcoming 're-org', due to hit next week. My boss is still in denial about the whole thing, which is really kind of sweet. Alas, I'm fairly sure that it won't keep her from getting splattered when the shit hits the fan. Who knows, I could be wrong. I hope I am. A lot.


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