Thursday, June 5

Hi all! What's new? Me, oh, I'll be working 4pm-midnight next week calling people in Asia. It will be the biggest test of my far-from-developed negiotiation skillz yet. My boss's boss will be judging my every word. We're not even allowed to leave for dinner. I'm fairly unprepared. Despite all this, I'm kind of looking forward to it because for some reason in my mind it will be like a sleep over like when you're in 4th grade and you're staying up past your bed time. I know it won't be anything like that, but it's been all rah-rah team surrounding the prep work for next week, and I'm getting in the spirit of things. No one else is - no one - but I am. I'm also getting excited about actually talking to some of these people that I've been working with for (oh my God has it been) 10 months (today!) So... that's my recent news. I'm planning on taking the opportunity to have a (possibly late?) lunch with Invisible Pete, maybe Mother...anyone else on-board? Let me know.
Also - shopping in Chicago should be fun on Saturday. A nice distraction from the up-coming crazy week 'o stress. And maybe I'll find the perfect prom shoes. By the way, DerK, we're planning on hitting the Nordstrom Rack - hold on to your socks. You'll need them for all the shoes. Trust me.


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