Tuesday, June 3

ding ding ding!!
Shaft wins a prize! The 'Sens' stands for Senators - Plinko's favorite hockey team, and therefore the team that I know the most about. This is despite the fact that it's much more fun to say "Leafs", and there is a different team called the Penguins, and everyone knows how much I love gwenpins. I'm sure if I got hooked on some hockey Playstation, Game Cube, etc game, I'd probably have a different favorite team besides. As it is, I think watching hockey is fun, and it's more fun if you are rooting for a specific team. So you may as well not piss off the guy that actually knows something about the sport by rooting for the other team. Plus, the Sens are from Canada, so how bad can they be? I mean, they're no Leafs, but...


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