Monday, May 26

You've gotta feel pretty special when the dj stops the music and doesn't start it again until someone goes to buy you a birthday shot. Even if the shot wasn't all that tasty, the music was, and there was only the one crazy who really wanted to be my friend. I'll take that over a gaggle of loser guys that don't understand the words "fuck off" any day.
Birthday week is just flying past. Maybe next year I'll have to institute birthday month. Next year *my golden birthday, no less* my birthday falls on a Friday, which is much much better than a Wednesday. It makes no sense to take a day of vacation on a Wednesday, but a four-day weekend, that I can get behind.
To sum up the last two days: Shaft family: good, possum: bad, shopping, chili & ice cream: good, Molly's: good, breaking a nail on the way home: bad. Having another day to celebrate with all the bad guys and everyone else I love: priceless. And now I should make myself clean and eat some breakfast. Yay breakfast!! I'm so mad I can't find a video clip for the Captain Breakfast skit from Sesame Street to link to right now. I guess if you're as cool as me, you can just hear it in your head.


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