Monday, June 2

Today was one of those days. Started with no sleep, running late, the whole deal. Still coughing in the way that makes other people at work say, "Why didn't she just stay home? She's going to get all of us sick!". Worked to the best of my (albeit sad) abilities until 5:30... came home and had a dinner that was delicious but I was too tired to enjoy, and then remembered how much work I still had to do. See, from 3:30 until sometime after I'm technically suppose to be done with work, I was in a meeting to prepare me for meetings. Yup. You read that right. And more preparing is what I get to do tomorrow. Actually, what I have to do. I'm not allowed to do anything else. Neither is anyone else in my position or higher in the department. For the whole day tomorrow. Nothing else gets done. This is not, in my opinion, a good idea. Or my choice. But there you have it - so tonight, when, by all rights, I should have been sleeping, I was answering e-mails and cleaning out old crap from my in-box that has been plaguing me for the last week or so.
But now, now I will enjoy the rest of the weary. The rest of someone who deserves sleep, dammit. Unless of course I can't get to sleep and I can log on and answer some e-mails real-time, and then I'll actually have less preparing to do tomorrow... hmm...
someone smack me


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