Saturday, March 13

Jiggity Jig

Finally, I'm home. I can't complain too much about travel delays, the long-feeling flight, etc since I was supposed to be home at 3 or so yesterday, but because of a night of boozing it up with about 30 assorted Asians, I slept through my alarm, missed my flight, and nearly got myself fired. (Ok, that last part I assume - our company travel agent when I first talked to her was convinced that the only way I'd get home was with a one-way ticket, price tag $1,100. I would have been fired, then killed. Or maybe the other way around. Thankfully, that ended up to not be the case, and I am fairly certain that I may be able to keep my job.)
At any rate, I'm home again and UPB and I have made plans to play with Vyvyan and try to track down some shoes I fell in love with when in Vegas, that the store did not have in my size. Worst case, I may call the store and have them order and ship me the shoes - or verify for me that those that I fell in love with are truly the same as the ones I can get from Zappos. We'll see.
Now I should go get the stink of travel off of me in my very own shower. Oh, it's good to be home. How I missed my little bag of socks.


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