Saturday, March 6

who me?

I feel the need to clear my name, as Shaft has sullied it. I did not say that that song was done by the Happy Mondays, because (as most people I know can attest to) I rarely if ever know the group that does the song, speaking in the most broad sense. I usually am not sure if a song is done by a certain group or individual, even if I own the album. For some reason, that part of my brain has never really worked right. So... I believe it was UPB that concurred with Shaft's assertion that said song was the Happy Mondays, and I believe my response was (and most likely will always be in instances like this): umm.... I'm not sure. Could be.
There. I hope I've saved my reputation as one who never knows these kinds of things and (and this is the important part): admits it.
Today I'm doing laundry. And I made crepes. I think they were pretty good. Hubby is having a battle to the death with our kitchen sink, which still refuses to drain properly. It has left him pantsless. If they were playing strip-dyi, I'd say he lost, but since they're not I'll have to call it a draw.
In other news - balancing your checkbook is hard if you can't do simple arithmetic. A lesson I probably should have learned years ago, but I am now being skooled in the ways of bookkeeping, and sometimes it makes my head hurt. At least now I know for sure that I'll be able to keep making car payments *yay* and still live and shop once in a while. These are good things. Of course, I'm still waiting with baited breath for those 3-paycheck months.


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