Thursday, February 12

I know, I know

I've been crazy stupid excited, annoyingly so. I'd like to apologize, but I just don't seem to be able to, cuz, you see.... I'm excited. After finding out that my raise was even crappier than I had imagined, and that any hope for a promotion is at least six months away, I feel the need to cling to some bright spot, and my new Vyv is it. Thanks to everyone who has been excited with me, and not made too much fun of the fact that I'm basically joining a cult. But what a fun cult...
Only 14 hours and 15 minutes...
Thanks so so so so so much to Shaft for helping me and UPB out on this one. It would have been a giant pain in the ass without you. It almost makes me wish I had bought an automatic so you could give her a spin... almost. Of course, I'm sure there's an automatic on the lot, if you want to cheat on your new baby so soon after getting her ;)


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