Wednesday, January 14


Who would've thought I'd become such a blog-slacker? Not that I'm not in good company. I've just been, well, busy. I'm finally taking advantage of that spendy Y membership UPB and I purchased, and have gone every day this week. Yesterday and today in the morning. Before work, even. This is no small accomplishment. I'm also back on the WW (that's weight watchers for you skinny folks) train. I had kind of forgotten how all-consuming it can be. Someday I'll figure out how to do it without having to spend so much time and energy figuring out when and what and how much I get to eat in a day. At any rate, if one is out to dinner with me, please ignore the mumblings about "points". I'll try to keep it to a minimum.
And then there's the knitting. I actually haven't done any since Sunday, which is just bizarre to me. I'm bringing it to the bar so everyone can look at me like I'm a wierdo, cuz, well, I am. And the end of the month is coming up fast and I have to have the next birthday present scarf completed by then. I invite everyone to join me in my new passion for knitting. I can't think of anything more fun than a coed stich & bitch at the bar. I'll be working on that kick-ass pattern Bebo posted a link to any minute now.


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