Monday, December 29

My Creation!

So... I took off of work this afternoon. And knitted. I've been knitting since about 2:30 this afternoon. And to show for it I have one sad-looking miniature pot holder. But I made it. And I experimented a bit, and learned a LOT, and it was lots of fun. Look at me, with my new hobbies: baking, knitting... I'm feeling so....domestic.
There is also news on the car front. Not the current car, but the dream car. The call was made, questions were answered, and the answers were what I was hoping for:
1) if my car (the new one) breaks down during any point during the warrenty, there is road-side assistance and they take care of getting my car to the dealership for the fixing-up stuff, and give me a loaner if necessary and...
2) the waiting list is approximately 2-3 months right now, just the right amount of time to save up a little more ching ching before the new baby shows up -- genius!
So... I'll be wanting to make a trip down to Ye Olde Mini Dealership some time in the very near future. I would have gone today if I wasn't so g-d tired. And distracted by purple heather yarn...mmm...yarn.


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