Sunday, December 7

oy vey

I'm not sure where to begin. I got into Singapore early last night, and had a "free day" today (after working to get caught up for a few hours this morning). If China is the dirtiest place I've ever been (which I would wager it is), Singapore is the cleanest. There is no grafetti (if you remember that caning incident, I'm sure you can imagine why), there is nearly no litter, there are no buildings that are anywhere close to being as run-down as nearly every structure in HK seemed to be. There is, in fact, nothing but malls, as far as I can tell. I swear to God -- we were shown around the city today by a couple girls from our agents' office here (one that I work with every day and the office manager) and we shopped. And shopped. And shopped. "Till we dropped" is no longer just a cliche phrase in my mind. I am completely, 100% exhausted. I am going to bed as soon as I sign off. And it was all malls. I think we were in four different ones, not counting the one that is actually attached to our hotel. And most of the ones we were in were attached to each other, and to more that we didn't go in. It is insane. It was such a blur. I want to type more to explain the insanity, but I just don't have the energy. So I'll just mention a few more things:
I was treated to Thai hot and sour soup today. Very different (as I was warned) from the Chinese variety that I am used to. But very good. And very hot. Quite a bit too hot in some bites, to be honest. Also, I had fishcakes, which makes me laugh writing it, but they were tasty. And then pizza for dinner, which was really good, and not just because I was craving Western food, but legitamately tasty pizza with tons of cheese and a fresh crust and a tomato sauce that tasted like it could have come straight off a boat from New York or Chicago. Good stuff.
Also, it is hot here. Hot and humid. Like, hottest, humidest day of Wisconsin summer hot. Like, oh yeah, I'm a foot from the equator hot. Hot. But the stores still carry fall/winter coats. I guess in case you want to get away from the hot, you have to have the right stuff to pack for your vacation. We were taking the subway back to the hotel tonight, and someone smelled of b.o. quite a bit, and I was wrinkling up my nose, but then realized: for as much as I've sweated today, it may very well be me who has the stank. I don't think it was, since I'm not noticing it now, but I'm just saying: it's hot.
I hope everyone is doing well. I'm signing off for the night. 7AM there means 9PM here, and that's not so crazy early that I need to feel bad about going to sleep, I say, so that's what I'm going to do. G'night!


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