Tuesday, November 25

miles hoor

So... I was going to post about how I was all excited cuz I finally saw the price of my ticket to Asia and woo! frequent flyer miles, but then I did the math (or rather, looked at the chart) and it seems I will need about 4 more trips to Asia before I begin to qualify for any kind of free tickets, and that's the 'saver' rate, and continental U.S. only. Honestly... one would get 1000 miles for a round-trip flight from Appleton to Chicago, but only 5500 to Asia. Does that make sense? I'm stumped.
Therefore, I will instead post about my absolutely fantastic journey to OfficeMax tonight, where I found everything I wanted (including the littlest mouse EVER) and had a $10 off card and two rebates totally $10 minus postage. I win. I also purchased a purple refill for "my pen, my pen!" for when the black runs out. It was a good shopping day.
Tomorrow the boss's boss is back in the office. I'm terrified that that will mean no worky worky for me, as she likes to suck up time, moreso if we're all busy. Which I am. Which is why I haven't posted in nearly a week. Such a slacker I am! I just have lots and lots to do to get prepared for this trip. I feel like I should make a list or something. On the bright side, my passport complete with visa showed up today with my plane tickets, so it's looking like it's a go for China. Seems that the girl who's driving us there (that's right... driving to China... sounds strange, doesn't it?) is named Angel. We've never corresponded, so this should be interesting. The woman who we normally work with can't join us because WalMart called a 1-hour meeting in Shanghai that day and she has to be there (some many hours away from where we'll be). You can't say no to WalMart, you know.
In other good news, the woman we're meeting with Saturday morning is very anxious to be able to take us shopping, so we're meeting her for breakfast to get the nasty business stuff out of the way asap so we can hit the shops before we have to leave for the airport. I should seriously bring an empty bag with me to fill with all the goodies I'm sure I'll find.
I've been saying, "I'm starting to get freaked out" about this whole trip thing for the last few weeks. It's now official -- there is no more starting, I am full-on freaked. Excited, scared, anxious, excited, repeat. It's the first time I'll be doing face-to-face negotiations, so that's a big thing, work-wise. My boss will be there for every minute of it, which is at once unnerving and comforting. (Did I mention our reviews are due about 2 weeks after we get back?) I've been told that there's little to drink except tea and wine, so I expect I'll be hung-over at least half the time, and suffering from insomnia the other half. Always a good combination. I'm thrilled and apprehensive about the whole food thing. I know that we'll be going to an Italian place for dinner at least once. It's called Sabatini's. It's famous or something. Other than that... I'm sure I'll be well-fed, don't get me wrong, I just have this feeling that I'm going to be jonesing for Mario's by day 3 and I will be s.o.l.
I think with that I'll take my freaking off-line and watch the last half of Queer Eye to take my mind off it all.


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