Wednesday, November 19

oh yeah

Also, there was a major shake up at work today. Someone fairly incompetent lost her job, and was replaced with a nasty blow-hard who hopefully will be able to do the job better, even if it means dealing with one of the least-friendly people I've ever met. We'll see how that goes. I was told that on leaving, the fired person was heard to have said, "This is just the beginning, you know..." leading those who heard her to believe that it was part of down-sizing, and not due to her sucking. I'm torn. On one hand, there may have been a few too many people now due to some restructuring. On the other, usually when someone is down-sized, they get some kind of notice (though I didn't, now that I think about it) or at least companies tend to not do it one person at a time, but rather in one fell swoop. Today it was just her. For whatever that's worth. One thing you can say about where I work: there's never nothing to talk about.


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