Thursday, November 6


I am a busy bee. Hockey, tv, party, hockey, movies. Such is my week. Throw in big work meetings, people freaking out about said meetings, interesting shake-ups, and general whining about my stupid brokiness, and you are completely up to speed.
Despite, or possibly because of, going to Asia soon, I can not get motivated at work. I don't know why. I was relieved today when we were able to talk about the shake-up, insurance, and weights of paper for a good portion of the work day, so I wouldn't have to do too much of my job. This is not a good sign. Quick! Someone! Give me a kick in the dupa. No, wait, don't... that would hurt. I think I'll blame my recent lack of productivity on the non-ergonomic work space and the uncomfortable position I'm forced to sit in all day. Yeah... that's the ticket! Now if I could only find some cost-free solution. Maybe I'll bring my exercisey ball to work to sit on and see one of my co-workers explode. Nah.


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