Sunday, October 19

5 down, countless to go

That's right, kids, we're talking laundry again.
I don't know how it happens. It just multiplies. It's as if my angora sweaters are actual rabbits, doing what rabbits do, and making more sweaters on the bottoms of piles, underneath umpteen pairs of jeans, socks, and what-have-you. Sweaters that I've never seen before. I have officially run out of room for clothes. So I'm pruning (again), but not very successfully. Also - something or someone has stolen all of my spare hangers. Very strange.
At anywho rate... if I can stay motivated, I may stay home tonight (sorry) and keep up the cleaning streak. There's just so much that hasn't been done in so long. Not just laundry, but vacuuming, dusting, regular old cleaning stuff that's starting to wear at me. I know I will be in no mood to do it this week, not with work ramping up to a fever pace. Tonight just may have to be the night.
Don't worry - I don't love you any less. I promise.


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