Monday, October 6

Typhoid Me

Oh, also, today I got the first in a series of vaccinations I need to take my trip in December. It was ok. The nurse suggested (strongly to me, less strongly to my co-worker for some reason) that in addition to Hep-A & B, we take precautions against Typhoid Fever. I took her up on it and now there are 4 capsules of "live typhoid something-or-other" in my fridge. Seems a little scary. In doing a little reading up on Typhoid Mary, assuming that would come up somehow, I came across a lovely word from some obscure (and probably outdated) New York law:
Said board may remove or cause to be removed to [a] proper place to be by it designated, any person sick with any contagious, pestilential or infectious disease; shall have exclusive charge and control of the hospitals for the treatment of such cases. [Section 1170]6
Doesn't "pestilential" just beg to be brought back into the common vernacular? Already several people spring to mind, I'm sure.


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