Thursday, October 2

You know... I'm in marketing. Or, that is/was my field of study. So I'm all for branding. It's important. But, if you're not careful with it, it can also stab you in the eye.
Take, for example, Anthropologie. I've been drooling over their catalogues, their store design, most everything they do, for quite a few years. I think they have a very unique look and a really interesting product assortment. However, if you do enough digging on their website ( may be interested in what kinds of job openings they may have...) you will find that they are owned by the same company as Urban Outfitters. Click.. click... suddenly that makes perfect sense. Overpriced clothes that are trying desperately to define hip, one for grown-ups, one for college kids. Genius. But it kind of wrecks it for me, somehow. Now they're not a neat little company that grew a little bigger because they have neat stuff, now they're just another Gap or The Limited or (insert mall brand here) that carries stuff with appliques and lace, instead of weathered-looking screen prints of beaches you've never been to. Disappointing. But they do it so well, I still want that dress, damn it. *shakes fist*


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