Tuesday, September 23

Hello fans!
That's right.... I'm back. I (narrowly) survived the weekend and the first two days of this week, and now it's smoove sailing.
Alright, so I was hurting a little bit on Sunday, but I'm pleased to say I learned something from the experience. And that something is: eat something (let's say, one meal) during the day if you plan to consume masses of alcomohol. This will make for a better tomorrow. Trust me, it has to help. Luckily, I plan to test this theory this coming weekend for sissy's party. I'll let you know how it turns out.
The big wigs have left the continent, and now it's slack-o (remember when I worked with him?) time. Or, that's the plan at least. And that sounds ok by me. I've got enough crazy crap coming back from the past to haunt me to keep me busy for awhile, I'd like a little breather before all the new crazy crap starts. And it sounds like it might be extra crazy for yours truly, but stay tuned... you know how these things tend to change.
Today was a good tv day... Gilmore Girls season premier, Queer Eye, with a dash of Law and Order here and there for good measure. "Close the door on your way out... hello, boys!" *sigh*
Now I should probably get to bed and not dream about not being able to sleep, which would be a nice departure from last night.


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