Thursday, September 18

Have I mentioned how much I love haircut day? Ok... I probably have. Once or two hundred thousand times, but I do.
I got some clothes. I think I'm going to wear at least some of them to the wedding. I'm not planning on wearing two skirts at once, so at least some of the new purchases will have to wait. Or be worn tomorrow. Or Sunday. All of it from the greatest place on earth: Target. Now, I should have just known to go there, and skipped the outlet we-don't-actually-want-you-to-shop-here mall, but I didn't realize that Jones (as in, of NY) had left the building, and I often find things I like at the Casual Corner, or Casual Corner for shorties, but tonight, no such luck. So, Target once again wins my "I'm in a pinch, I really need something I can wear right now, I don't want to look like I'm dressed for the dead of winter" dollar. Go Target Corp. I finally broke down and bought something from my gay boyfriend's new collection, a cute long cord skirt (not planned for the wedding). Somehow the insane billboard neon shirts all seemed to have disappeared. There's no way they sold out... if that many people were wearing them around here we'd all be having retina problems. I can only assume that they were either a)shipped to Fond du Lac, hoping people would buy them there or b) ditto, but Goodwill. Come to think of it, there isn't much difference.
After volleyball last night I was super brokey, and I'm pretty far from recovered, so I'm heading to bed early tonight. I'm considering picking up some Depends for tomorrow night. (I'm kinda looking forward to it, is what I mean.) ...This shirt is dry-clean only, that means it's dirty... YAY!!


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