Monday, September 15

Will the wonders of the internet ever cease?
Recently I've been contacted by someone who, very very randomly, happened upon this-here site and who, by some ultimate act of God, seems to have a Mini for sale. What are the odds? Slim to none? One in a million? Six? I have no idea. What I do know is that I'm awfully (and really, I mean awfully) excited by the whole prospect. And Mr. Jones, I hate to do this to you, but it's an S. And Mrs. Jones, it's green. Now we're all swooning. I promise I'll let you ride in it, if this comes to pass. Ok, ok... you can drive it. Maybe. Maybe in the empty Copps parking lot.
So, on top of lots of other exciting news (i.e. Bella Vie?), and a big meeting to prepare for tomorrow (where I will come out smelling like roses, cuz I RULE!), I feel like there's a lot on the proverbial plate.
Don't forget this Friday is the big comedy extravaganza. Hoop-la all around. Saturday is my coworker's wedding (and rollar-rink reception where we get to teach the foreigners the chicken dance!) and Sunday is Packer day again, when we'll all hope for a repeat proformance of this week. Also, Wednesday is Deni's show at the union, and we have the latest of the late games. I'm sure it will be snowing or some such crap. Of course I can't forget about the OshCon, though my attendance will be scant, I wish everyone a very good and profitable time.
I think I may need a nap just thinking about all of this!
I may post more if I get some news, or if I need a break from the working...lots to prepare for tomorrow morning.


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