Wednesday, September 3

We're home, we're well... we went to Schaumburg and Milwaukee and had a very nice time with Chuck and now we're home and I'm a little brokey, but only from being in the car too long I think and not from any incident or accident and tomorrow we may begin car shopping. Oh, and somewhere in the depths of my purse I have a business card for our buddy Anthony with a website where we can peruse minis that are in-stock or on-order to be shipped to the Mini dealership in Milwaukee. Just as soon as I feel motivated, I'll post the link for all those mini-hungry people out there. Read: me and shaft.
Shaft and I.
IKEA can take a lot out of a person, but somehow Guernee is still worse. I think it's all the stupid zig-zags and the realization, once you've left the mall, that you could have gotten back to your car much quicker if you just knew what doors led where outside. Of course, I can't complain too much considering the new hot time-pieces we scored at the Fossil outlet. And a birthday present for a special certain someone... tee-hee!!


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