Sunday, August 24

"Gigantic" was wonderful. Everyone's major criticism lies more on ourselves than on the filmmaker, in that we cannot get enough information on the two Johns. The ride home was filled with plenty of, "I wish they would have talked more about...(insert nearly any topic or tangent here)." In other words, a little disappointment in that this was a very entertaining documentary film instead of a full-on miniseries depicting every detail and nuance of TMBG, the Johns, Monopuff, State Songs, family, friends, etc. There was obviously a lot of love in the air when the stage collapse at the Modjesca was mentioned, I assume many of the viewers had been in attendance at that show.
the above paragraph was written yesterday when I got home from the Robin's Nest. I had intended on going on more about the movie and my day, but got suddenly very very ill, so instead I went to lie down. I am completely recovered now, happily, and I have some new hair which is very fun.
In other news - there is big work news that everyone it affects already knows about, and those of you that don't know probably won't care, but... a big big big wig is stepping down the end of this year. Not exactly sure if or how that will affect me, but there will most certainly be a shake-up of some sort on third floor. More as this breaking story unfolds.
Otherwise, a nice slow day. I finally finished some old business, now I can concentrate a little more on the new stuff, which is good. It's begging for some attention.
I should probably be heading to bed soon...night all!


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