Monday, August 18

Stupid computers at work don't not even work. We were down. All day. All freaking day. Many people went home. Or, rather, many salaried people went home, and some hourly people went home. For the most part, hourly people tried to keep busy filling their days with things that could be done without the computer. I could have gone home. Maybe I should have. But I got done a task that has been hovering over me for a couple weeks that I've been avoiding because, up until today, I was honestly too busy to really give a crap. But now it's done. woo-freakin'-hoo
We evidently had a virus, something about nachos, that sounded suspiciously like the worm that was in the news last week that I would have assumed someone in IT would have maybe heard about. Evidently not. Or, maybe this actually was something brand-spanking new, yet to hit the airwaves or the internet. Seems unlikely when you put it that way. IT guy who was coming around to innoculate all the sicky machines said something about how the virus does not affect the AS400, that the AS400 was all ok. Plinko and I had the same thought: who would write a virus to attack an AS400? That's just silly! There's a reason the other people in our department think we're huge geeks, that's all I'm saying.
Not much else to talk about, as it was (obviously) a fairly slow day. Hopefully tomorrow will be full of productivity.


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