Thursday, August 7

Funny... seems like it's been longer between posts than just the two days...
So today I finally got the recognition I so clearly deserve as an employee of ye ole b'gosh. Not a raise, a promotion, or any of those oh-so-overt displays, but rather, my one-year anniversary gift box. Now, it's two days late, and my boss had to call to find out where the heck it was (cuz I made her), but it did arrive thanks to one slightly sheepish HR gal. She was a bit embarrassed because it seems that the gift box assembler is not living up to the high b'gosh standards of timeliness. Or, rather, they are and therefore boxes for a given month show up about a week late. Now, I won't ruin the surprise for other employees coming up on their anniversaries, but I will say that I got another g-d bandana (I think that makes 5). Woo hoo!
Something else that is nearly a week late is the next paragraph, which I have been intending to write about since Saturday morning when it occurred to me. Here it goes: mourning doves are weird. I love the cooing noises they make, and I think they're pretty and stuff, and I think it's very strange that people want to hunt them. On the other hand, considering they're birds, they really don't seem to like to fly much. Whenever you walk near them and they have to move away rapidly, they squalk and freak out as if they forgot until just that second that they are even capable of flight. It's like, "Holy crap run run run... wait! I'm in the air! Crap!!! What the hell?? Must... get... down!!" And the length it took to read that statement is about as long as they seem to be able to stay airborn. Now here's the strange thing... you don't see mourning doves in the winter. They (I assume) do not hibernate. Therefore, at some point, they must migrate. I can't imagine this is done in many many short freak-out sessions until they find themselves in Florida. It seems like an incredible waste of energy. But I bet you've never seen a mourning dove soaring gracefully through the clouds, let alone a flock of them. Just think how strange that would be. Or how scary a flock of noisy, practically ground-tied, flitterpated, pea-brained, lice-carrying fowl would be, hopping their way from state to state. So what do they do? Hitchhike? Seems unlikely. I'm just saying... birds are weird. And as much fun as it is to ponder this, I'm not going to look up what the real answer is because it would just ruin it for me.
Speaking of... DerK, you know all that pretty, candy-like silica gel we saw at the Target (possibly in the Todd Oldham stuff)... totally edible. I knew it, I just knew it!!


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