Monday, July 28

There are times when being easily amused is a definite plus. I made the near-fatal mistake of picking up the one-year anniversary issue of The Soapbox. I was not amused. I was, in fact, appalled that this "publication" still exists. Their cover boasts that they are "balanced" and "fair". Well... they do have a balance of sooper crazy left-wingers and sooper crazy right-wingers, so if the world of politics were merely a teeter-totter, they'd be fine. Unfortunately, their stoopid teeter-totter doesn't not even work. It's a damn good thing that thing is free, that's all I'm going to say. (ok, maybe not all...) I have to feel that even people who espouse 1/2 (cuz that would be the most you could agree with, being that they are balanced...) of the opinions represented would shutter at the presentation. It's as if someone decided it would be a good idea to publish a bunch of unedited blogs. By lunatics. So... the whole thing kind of got my blood boiling.
Luckily, a Beggin' Strips commercial came on and I was able to see the lighter side of life. Giving a dog an ink-blot test, where one of the pictures is quite obviously a cat, and having him bark/shout "Bacon!" is funny. For me, it was actually laugh-out-loud funny. As I said, easily amused.
In other advertising news, people at Target are geniuses. The fact that it took someone this long to use (Anything You Want) "You Got It" by Roy Orbison in a commercial is a little strange, but it pleases me that Target claims the prize.
I also get a prize today... a lovely lambswool sweater. Lucky me!


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