Sunday, July 20

News you can use (or throw out):
1 - My new hair makes me look like a rock-star. Or, at least, celebrity. The girl at IHOP was gitty with excitement because I think, for a moment, she actually thought I was Kelly Osbourne (one could debate her status as rock star vs. celebrity). After my 15 miliseconds of fame, she still seemed very excited that I was gracing her IHOP with my presence.
2 - As much as I love love love my hair, I am a retard and should have let someone less camera shy be the guinea pig. At least we took a couple shots where my eyes were actually supposed to be closed.
3 - Some times I am more tired than I think I am. I didn't get a ton of sleep on Friday night, then went to get fabulous, then destroyed all fabulousness by taking a somewhat (in my mind, at least) lengthy bike ride. I lost all sense of direction and could not tell you where we ended up if I wanted to. I do know there was fake wheat there. And sooooo many bugs on the way back. Bugs are dumb. When I got home, I completely crashed. Out. Zzzz. Woke up in time to catch the last half of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, loved it, and went back to sleep.
4 - Woke up at some point because I had a full-on nightmare. Scariest dream I think I can ever remember having. Horrible. Horror-movie horrible. And you know how I love those.
5 - Now it's time to go cuz Jesus is calling. Well, not on the phone. You know what I mean.


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