Tuesday, July 15

In case you were wondering, which you weren't, but I'll tell you anyway... the new design is inspired (ok, mostly copied from) my favorite dishes in the whole world. I only have two plates (and they are suppose to come with coffee cups), but I know everyone is always whining that I'm so hard to shop for, so I'll go ahead and let you know where you can buy me more: Replacements.com
This is also probably a good place to go shopping for your mother, or someone like that, who may have broken pieces of her favorite china over the years. Or someone like my dad, who only ever had service for four. I know, I know... you're all shocked. I'm the only person in the modern world who wants to be able to throw dinner parties for 20 and has no dining room table (set up) yet nearly enough matching dishes to pull it off. Oh wait...


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