Tuesday, July 15

Welcome, Bebo, to the wonderful world of blog! *taps fingertips* Soon the whole world will be converted. Mwahahaha! Oh, and I'm working on that leopard print...
Cleaned the kids' cages today (smart day to do it as tomorrow is garbage day) so I'm feeling like I've accomplished enough for one evening, considering I worked till 6. Have I mentioned how much I miss the overtime? Cuz I do.
I got to sit in a meeting today with the owner of one of our biggest mills and fastest-growing garment factories, and he's really pretty cool. He's Chinese, but has a really interesting accent and very casual British grammer, like saying "right" at the end of lots of phrases. It was really interesting, as meetings involving our senior VP tend to be, but I seriously did not have the time for it today, as it was the beginning of our Summer '04 season and I had a ton of stuff to get out. So... I got to work late, and get freaked out by our cleaning staff. Double bonus.
Other than that, nothing of interest to report. I may change my mind on that before I go to bed, we'll see.


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