Saturday, July 12

This evening DerK, UPB and I dined at the fabulous Mario's, and (once again) had live entertainment. A strolling mariachi troubadour, if you will. I was enjoying it thoroughly until he came up to our table just as I was biting into a... let's say a bit of an herb of some sort (actually a twig) and I had to remove it from my mouth as discreetly as possible. It was a bit of a challenge. I commented to DerK that I wondered if he took requests, because "Juantanamera" is one of my favorite songs, and it seemed fitting. I was therefore obviously very very happy when, as we were starting our dessert course, he began playing that very song. What are the odds? Certainly the gals at the Lemon Grass did us no such favors, unless one of us as a special love of "The Rose" that they (intelligently) did not share with the group. Our troubadour, of course, knew about a thousand verses and I think we were finished before he was. And I loved every minute of it.
I was hoping that I could find the lyrics of the song for all to enjoy, but if they're out there, I'm having no luck. I'm sure someone with a)more time on their hands b) better resources or c) less desire to sleep could come up with them to post for all to enjoy. Heck, I know DerK has a CD with it, and I have to think Shaft has at least a couple versions.
Tomorrow is Grandma Keller's 80th birthday. We'll be joining the entire Keller clan in Kellnersville (that's with an 'n', not named after my family) for lunch. Let's all wish Gram a very happy day and pray that no one takes a fork to the eye. I believe the last time my whole family was together it was for our wedding, and even then one of my uncles spent most of the time in the car. These are people that live (at the most) 15 minutes from each other, and they haven't gotten together for a single thing since then. I'm just saying... it could get ugly, people. Luckily, being nonconfrontational runs fairly deep in my family, mostly. You knew I had to get it from somewhere, right? I have to say, though, that the Coaty side may be on to something with the heart-on-your-sleeve and feel free to say things you may regret cuz you'll probably be forgiven for it approach. At least they all still like each other. Though I haven't heard from anyone for awhile, now that I say that...


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